Programme Approach

  • Programme Approach

Through the decades of the nineties and the first st decade of the 21 century, SURE has been persistently taking up challenges and working on a perspective of integrated rural development. Empowerment of dalits and women, creating sustained opportunities for women livelihoods, rehabilitation of differently challenged, ensuring food, fodder and water security and optimum use of natural resources of the fragile desert ecology have evolved as key principles guiding the program perspective.

Over these years, SURE has implemented different programmes that have demonstrated the importance of community participation and ownership of programs in achieving program sustainability. These programmes of SURE have been a harbinger of hope for vulnerable in a context that doomed them to an insular, discriminatory and exploitative existence marked by daily lives of misery and destitution. Successful interventions in service delivery of basic services like health, education, drinking water, people centric emergency drought relief and ensuring water security in these interior regions have contributed to shaping attitudes of govt. service providers towards cost effective and pro people development. In the context of arid Thar, doing programmes with an overall perspective of integrated development translates into ensuring food, fodder and water security, meeting the daunting task of facilitating access to basic services like health and education in a terrain that is inhospitable and difficult to traverse. Especially in the scorching heat of the summer months when sand dunes cover most of the roads and sandy tracks.